About Me

Hey, I'm LACE.

I am a North Dakota native with strong Norwegian roots and little 'Fargo' accent, but for the past two decades I have called Texas home. I'm a US Army Veteran and thankful for the wild journey that took me here. I have an appreciation for God's creations having grown up on a small horse farm while competing in rodeo and playing hockey on frozen ponds. There is so much beauty to be found in midwest landscapes but Texas offers similar sights with a lot less snow and a lot more hotter days. It only makes sense that I feel the most comfortable capturing people in natural light among the beautiful oak trees or an ocean of blue bonnets in the springtime . My style has evolved over the years and I continue to learn all types of artistic methods, but sun kissed halos formed by golden hour sunsets, will forever, be my favorite.

My passion for photography began at a young age with my parent's 35mm film cameras. I was elated each time a roll needed to be developed. I couldn't wait to see the images and always so fascinated by the process. I often helped sort the prints, placing them in keepsake boxes if they weren't placed in albums on the shelf. So much has changed in the digital age of ...well everything since then, but the basic principals of photography will always remain the same. Many years passed between those childhood experiences and now but the passion and desire to create art never left me. My work is a reflection of what I love to see in the world, and my hope is that you love what I capture about you...



Jeannie & Rick

"We all LOVED the pictures you took! Thanks again! You made our anniversary complete."

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