digital Image (Digitals)

My sessions include small size, shareable downloads from your session. These are allowed to be posted on social media or emailed/text to friends and families. Unless otherwise agreed upon in your contract; images are not allowed to be printed unless ordered through your gallery. If you wish to purchase the full print rights to your images please contact me to discuss pricing.

Editing Disclaimer

Editing is a broad term used in the photography industry to mean a variety of things. My editing includes correction to overall tone, temperature, and lighting with limited removal of "blemishes" (such as pimples, food, loose strings, fuzz, or random hairs) at my discretion. Things I will not change is beauty marks, scars, face shapes, clothing, wrinkles in clothing, color of items, or anything other than what was named in the previous sentence. I will not produce "flawless" images for you unless you want to include this as an add on service. (This service is already included in the corporate headshot pricing).