Lace x Lace Boudoir

A luxury boudoir experience


Boudoir isn't just about being sexy, it's about embracing your power, exploring your confidence, loving yourself, and gaining perspective of your beauty: both inside and out. Contact me today about scheduling a personal luxury experience. Let me show you just how beautiful you are.

All sessions are done in studio - located in Belton, TX.


Private boudoir session with complimentary hair and make up services, client closet access, and a customized experience you won't forget.

Session Fees start at 399 and collections start at 899



Into the Jungle
Valentine's Day Mini
February 3rd


Boudoir Party

Bring friend's together for a bachelorette gathering or maybe just because! A party offers discounted individual session fees and al la cart ordering options.

Contact me

Sooo...what's next?

Fill out the questionnaire and schedule your consultation! We can spend 30 minutes on the phone or simply message/text each other if you're not a big talker. I want to get to know you, I want you to get to know me, and I want you to feel comfortable knowing about everything this experience is about. We will review your needs, wants, & wishes, discuss the process of the session and expectations, and explore all the possibilities this experience will give you.

Each luxury experience includes complimentary hair and make up services, style and prep guides, pose coaching, and most importantly : SNACKS! You can also check out the client closet if you don't have outfits of your own (Hint: lingerie doesn't need to be expensive to be beautiful) You should feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready for a night on the town leaving your session. My job is to be your personal hype girl, life coach, and cheerleader all at once - second to taking some bomb AF photos. You'll be so excited for your reveal and order session!

If you're ready to gain confidence and give yourself some self love, click that button below! You're so worthy of love, even from yourself : so treat y'self and let's make a book filled with nothing but You!


How much is a session?

I don't own any lingerie...

Are you going to share my pictures?

There are a lot of things I don't like about myself, can you remove *insert any insecurity*?


How much is a session?

All pricing will be discussed during the consultation, but most clients spend well above $2000 for this luxury experience.

I don't own any lingerie...

That's totally ok! I have a small client closet with great pieces of various sizing (XS-4XL) that you can borrow for your session. I offer a style guide to help you choose pieces to purchase and just FYI, you don't always need "lingerie" to make it boudoir : use a favorite t-shirt or your significant other's button up shirt. We can even just use a sheet and be creative without the pressure of needing fancy lingerie.

Are you going to share my pictures?

Only if you tell me yes. You have the option and even decide the level to which degree I can share them (example : only on the website and not social media; only photos that don't show my face; etc). It is your preference. .

There are a lot of things I don't like about myself, can you remove *insert any insecurity*?

Complicated question : yes but also kinda no. I won't retouch images past removing blemishes, bruises, tags and strings, stray hairs, fuzz.... I won't make your arms thinner, stomach flatter, photoshop a BBL, etc but I WILL know about your insecurities or dislikes you have of yourself - and pose you in such a flattering way that you may not even believe you are in those pictures! Trust me girl, you're not going to need to worry about a thing. I got you!

Be Wild

Dark and moody


Nothing but quiet and relaxed vibes here to set the mood for your session, your experience begins before you even open the door ...