Lifestyle photography is a genre of artistic portraiture aiming to capture people in situations. These can be real life events or occurrences such as important milestones: like a business opening, 100th sale, winning an award, or everyday work flow. Simply: to portray every day life as a story through pictures. My purpose is to assist you in telling that story and artistically creating a way to inspire others with it. Fabricating a means to embody the emotions and human experiences behind you business. 

To start, I'll need to learn a little about you and your needs. After completing the submission form below, I'll contact you to arrange a meet up or phone call to discuss your answers and determine your goals. This allows us to create an initial story board based off of concepts and ideas matching those goals. We will determine shoot date(s), locations, times, people or props that are needed, along with an investment discussion. The costs of lifestyle photography vary as it's dependent upon the amount of time and desired product. Once everything is decided, I will create a contract and invoice detailing our plan of action. We will collectively finalize your story board leading up to the shoot date with most product available to you within a couple weeks.

Now that you know the process, let’s get into it! There are no wrong answers and don’t feel you need to answer all of them right now. Speak from the heart and tell me the first thoughts that come to mind. If you get stuck, leave it blank and we can work on it together:

You're Almost there

Now it's time to set things in motion! I will send you my Lifestyle Guide to help prep you for your interview. I can’t wait to creatively work on making ideas come to life...