About Me


It helps to know what you get as a client, so let me take you through my process :

  1. Initial contact - wether you found me on this website or contacted me through social media, I will reach out to you and perhaps ask more questions of your needs to ensure I am able to provide you that service. We will discuss costs, dates, products, and requirements. (I've listed basic pricing under INVESTMENT but have price and product lists available to send to you.)
  2. Contract - Once details are discussed I will create an invoice for a retainer fee (most often requested at 1/3 of the overall session fee) and send it along with a contract to your email. The contract includes dates, locations, provisions, costs, products, and other pertinent information. Once this is digitally signed and the retainer fee is paid, your session is scheduled. Rescheduling is not often allowed unless under certain circumstances and advanced notice.
  3. Session - I will send you a reminder (either by text or email) the day prior to your session. I always include an address and will arrive at the location prior to your session time. Once there we will take your images for the time frame allotted , sometimes walking small distances for setting changes but allowing for a variety in your photos. If no other factors, like conversing or needing to adjust hair/clothing - or getting children to cooperate (I promise it will be ok) - I could take hundreds of photos in just 30 minutes. With that being said , you will always have more than enough images to choose from. Taking family photos should be a joy, but we all know kids aren't always up for it - I will help guide you through the session and help you with them. If I can offer any type of advice, don't worry about what your kids are doing while the camera is on you- some of the most cherished work of my clients are the ones they didn't expect - candid moments of captured magic > So just try to have fun , even though I know you are probably stressed.
  4. Payment - your remaining balance is due the day of the session. I accept cash, card, or many of the cash transferring apps or you can pay the balance through the original invoice. You will receive invoice reminders on the day of your session. Receipts will be automatically provided by email when paying the invoice, but other forms of payment may result in a delay of receipt of no later than 24 hours following.
  5. Gallery - An online gallery of your images will be made available within 30 days (or otherwise stated in your contract) following your session. Access and instructions for the gallery will be sent to you by email, including password, image selection, and availability to order prints and art work.
  6. Ordering - Your session may only include some digital images but you are allowed to order prints and art work of any of the images from the gallery. Prints/art are ordered from a 3rd party lab that offers a variety of materials and mediums. If you need assistance with ordering or wish to schedule a gallery reveal and order session, I would be more than happy to schedule that with you.
  7. Downloads - The gallery email will contain instructions for choosing your set number of downloadable images. You will select your favorites and if you intend to purchase additional digitals , you will be invoiced for the additional amount. Once paid or completed, I will send you an additional email with instructions for downloading your images...then you can share them to social media or family and friends.

I'm always available to answer any questions that come along the way!